I view reporting as the most powerful weapon to manage expectations, avoid scope creep, and ensure seamless delivery and acceptance of work. I have spent years and countless hours developing a burn report that tracks margin erosion and leakage that is flexible enough to be customized with almost any time card system that can spit out data. Report settings are then customized based on account specific SoW's and MSA's until project level reporting has a negligible margin of error with that which finance bills (is ultimately reported to Wall Street). I maintain a deep and ever expanding understanding of financial planning and analysis, and possess an arsenal of mitigation strategies for even the most off-the-rails projects. The below examples below are Excel spreadsheets I've built from scratch that are simple, accurate, and flexible. I've trained PM teams around the world on this report and have successfully rolled it out at two organizations, affecting dozens of accounts.

Example of a burn report I created for a large financial client.

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Example of an internal account level status workbook.

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